Book Review Alex Ferguson, My Autobiography

Reflections on the life of the best managers in the UK

Reading this book is like watching live and feel a life journey of the manager. This hardcover book opens with the image above Manchester United fan appreciation togetherness Sir Alex Ferguson for 26 years at the club. Such as exploring the passage of time, there is a photo at the beginning of the sheet at the beginning of managerial SAF, and at the end of the sheet with a photo SAF medal win the English Premiere league. All topics here very memorable and provide valuable information for both Manchester United fans and football lovers.
Alex Ferguson Stand

In the early chapters we can feel how emotional the manager to make tough decisions, he will retire from football life. May 2013 be the end point of devotion the Scottish manager with winning 20 Premier League titles, 2 Champions league, English 4 Cup, 1 Intercontinental Cup, 1 FIFA Club World Cup, 1 European Super Cup, 10 Community Shield. In chapter "Reflection" here the author tells the story of Manchester United manager turnover and comment on the last his 1500 match. 5 MU 5 West Brom. "Thank you, kids. Guys really give a great farewell party at all!". The departure of brother-in-law gave a strong influence, and SAF also feel this is the right time to stop. The death of my wife's older sister has made ​​a dramatic change. And, I want to retire as a winner. So I quit while victory.". At the end of this chapter the authors do not comment on many clubs serving quality, atmospheric games like Manchester United. "When we were 1-0 up and the remaining time of 20 minutes, returned, or there is a risk you had to be stretchered out of the stadium. You can go in the hospital!" 

At the chapter titled "Glasgow roots" SAF tells his background as a young man in charge of the family pub. Know the personality of many people young age became one of capital importance in caring of the football club. Ferguson clan typical optimism that reads "ex Dulcius asperis" or "Sweeter after many difficulties." helped his managerial career ranging from 4 months at East Stirlingshire in 1974 and Manchester United in 2013. "Measures to control major changes over the years has been underpinned by the belief that we will win against any challenger."

Alex Ferguson early years
Chapter titled "Retirement U-Turn" here to explain the reasons behind MU made ​​by AF often enjoy showing prowess wins in the end, able to lead his team having missed the goal by an opponent. Here's the recipe from the unyielding character, high determination throughout the match to clinch a victory. "If you want a summary of me about how it feels to be the manager of Manchester United, then I will show you the last 15 minutes in every game United. Sometimes something extraordinary happens, as if the ball was sucked into the opponent's net. Often times players would like to know the ball towards there. they knew that they were going to score. Granted it does not always happen, but the whole team never stopped believing that it could happen. characters were good. I always take a risk. Plans I: do not panic until the last 15 minutes, be patient until the last quarter of an hour, then the craze. "
The players with EPL title
Alex Ferguson talented players like David Beckham, Rio Ferdinand, Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Cristiano Ronaldo, Roy Keane, Wayne Rooney got one separate chapter to describe how they quality assessed, the relationship between player and player or manager. All of them have a deep impression on the coach, do not miss the complete almost all the players who have joined the club given the comments by The Gaffer. Becks is highlighted because of the pursuit of popularity tends not like the boss (he prefer stay focus on football detail, keep low profile), CR7 is the best talent I have ever coached, Rio has the support due to avoid sanctions after a routine urine examination. In this book the author gives impression on the players that were recruited. There are praised and also criticized, as a manager is not always able to make a purchase or transfer with a high success rate. "Lean Times" chapter discuss thoroughly it 's hard managing big club such as Manchester United. Manager must thinking fast about club transfers. The decision to sign players can only be taken so soon. No one can estimate that the background checks of players still not 100% accurate fitting to be able to play in a way typical of MU. Moreover, the attackers in the club has always been a SAF concern " My problem is, i was at first center forward position, so I always louder to the striker than the other players. "
European Champions League winner

High respect for the opponent to put the manager in the office activities of drinking together after the match. There is no dispute that continues when the final whistle had sounded. Manager and staff of the opposing team usually stop by for a drink and a chat. Here we can see that there is a relationship and friendship among people who engaged in the world of football. Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger clearly have a place in the mind of the author. Liverpool club also became the club's most revered by the boss. "Manchester United are Liverpool's biggest rivals - in the history, industry, and football. Manchester United and Liverpool matchs are always emotionally intense."
CR7 in action

Not to be forgotten force '92 young players are the backbone of the MU team. All players have loyalty and his own family have been considered by the SAF. Seeing this golden generation grows is a certain satisfaction. Barcelona is recognized to be the best team that must be resisted by the Manchester United squad. Pure SAF decision to fight the Catalan club with positive tactics, not through the player accumulate in the penalty box or bus parking. City triumph through massive investment also received attention, but according to SAF Manchester City does not have the capacity to defend EPL  title. It takes hard work to be able to retain the title.

About the media, SAF does not figure favored by news journalist. "The first priority is to never reveal the weakness of the team ... Won the game is more important, not look smart in a press conference. Do not embarrass yourself by giving a bad answer."

Fit referee, who able to run fast is the desire of the manager. Likewise with the players, full concentration and focus. It is unique, here SAF encourages players to get acquainted with the sport of chess. "What makes the difference in front of goal? Decision. We have always stressed this to the players. Had I started from scratch again, I will force all players to learn to play chess to be more concentrated. When first learning to play chess, it could be any game recently completed in three or four hours. however, when it's mastered chess, playing chess is a peak in just 30 seconds. decision lightning in pressure. football was like that.

Obviously this book with Sir Alex Ferguson thought plus interesting photographs is a worth reading book as well as being a collection for Manchester United fans and football lovers. 


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